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UIM241 Series

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  • Voltage: 10-40VDC 
  • Output Current (adjustable): Max 2A / 4A / 8A 
  • Control Stepper Motor Through RS232 Using ASCII Commands

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Data sheet

Weight 0.1kg | .22lbs
Input Voltage 12 ~ 40VDC
Height 14.5mm
Length 42.3mm
Width 42.3mm

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UIM241XXXX miniature stepper motor controllers feature a RS232 control interface. The device controls the UIM241XXXX through RS232 using ASCII coded instructions. UIM241XXXX controllers support open-loop and quadrature encoder (QE) closed-loop control. The UIM241XXXX architecture comprises communication, basic motion control, absolute position counter, QE interface and real-time event change notification modules.

An embedded 64-bit calculation precision DSP controller guarantees the real-time control process. With UIM241's advanced motor control, selected NEMA 17/23 motors can ramp up to 4000 RPM in 0.25 seconds. UIM241 controllers can be mounted onto NEMA 17/23/34/42 series of stepper motors through adapting flanges. Driver enclosure is made of die-cast aluminum to provide a rugged durable protection and improve the heat dissipation.

UIM241 Series RS232 Control Interface Stepper Controller

Miniature Integral Design
Size: 42.3mm x 42.3mm x 14.5mm
 Fit onto motors seamlessly
 Die-cast aluminum enclosure
Motor Drive Characteristics
 Wide supply voltage 12-40VDC
 Max output current 2A/4A/8A, instruction adjustable
 Full step to 16th micro-stepping resolution
 Dual full H-bridge with PWM constant current control
 Accurate micro-stepping and current control
RS232 Interface
 RS232 three-wire serial communication
 Max baud rate 57600 bps
Embedded DSP Microprocessor
 Hardware DSP, 64bit calculation precision
 Linear/non-linear acceleration/deceleration
 S-curve, PT/PVT displacement control
 support quadrature encoder, closed loop control
 2 sensor input ports
 8 programmable real-time event-based change notifications
 5 programmable actions triggered by 6 sensor events