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  • Voltage: 24-36VDC.
  • Current: 0.9-3.0A.
  • Control Type: Support PUL/DIR and CW/CCW modes.

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Data sheet

Input Voltage 24-36V
Rated Current 0.9 ~ 3.0A Peak, 0.64 ~ 2.12A RMS
Peak Current 3A ± 10%
Operating Temperature 70℃ Max
Ambient Temperature -20℃~80℃
Pulses Frequency 200KHz
Over-voltage Threshold 50V
Weight 260g
Micro step rating 400-25000

More info

Parameter auto-setup and motor self-adaptive.
Built-in high subdivision,small vibration, low heating, smooth movement.
Torque compensation in medium and high speed.
Variable current control technology, High current efficiency.
Built-in accelerate and decelerate control to improve start-stop smoothness.
Single and double pulse control modes can be selected.
The position of motor can be memorized.
Optically isolated input and compatible with 5V or 24V.
User-defined micro steps.
Over current and over voltage protection.
Automatic detection, flexible selection of pulse edge count mode.
Green light means running while red light means protection or off line.

2D Dimensional Drawing