Stepper Motors

Stepper Motors by Mach Motion Products. Stepper Drives by UI Robot. Our motors are designed to fit directly with our gearboxes, or with Macron Dynamics Actuators. Each motor comes with a mounting plate for a UI Robot drive. Need a custom motor? Send us an email at



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  • NEMA 23

    NEMA 23 Frame Stepper motor. 57mm x 57mm face.

  • NEMA 24

    NEMA 24 Frame Stepper Motor. 60mm x 60mm Face Dimensions. Slightly larger than NEMA 23, but contains much more torque. Our NEMA 24 motors mount perfectly with out 60mm Gearboxes or with certain Macron Dynamics actuators. Need a custom motor? Email us at



  • Stepper Drives

    UI Robot Stepper Motor Drives. Available in various control types. Select your type below for more information. Have a stepper drive question? Email us at