UIM243 Series

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  • 12-40VDC input voltage
  • Output Current (adjustable): Max 2A / 4A  / 8A 
  • Controls Stepper Motor Velocity using Analog Signal

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Weight 0.1kg | .22lbs
Input Voltage 10~35VDC
Height 14.5mm
Length 42.3mm
Width 42.3mm
Control Voltage 10 ~ 35VDC

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UIM243XXX Stepper motor controllers are a series of microprocessors with embedded voltage control, offering miniature stepper motor controller. With the UIM243XXX controller, motor speed can be adjusted through analog voltage in three ways:

1) Using the on-board trimmer

2) Use of an external potentiometer

3) Direct input of desired voltage

Run/stop, direction, high/low speed range and enable/disable can be controlled simply by shorting the corresponding terminal to the ground. UIM243 Series offers drives from 2 to 8A current, and can be mounted onto NEMA 17/23 series stepper motor seamlessly through adapting flanges. The enclosure is made of die-cast aluminum which provides a rugged durable protection and improves the heat dissipation.

UIM243 Series Voltage Control Stepper Controller / Driver

Miniature Integral Design
 Size 42.3mm x 42.3mm x14.5mm (UIM24302)
 Size 25mm x 18mm x2.5mm (UIM24301)
 Fit onto motors seamlessly
 Die-cast aluminum enclosure
Motor Driver Characteristics
Voltage: 12-28VDC (UIM24302XX) / 12-40VDC (UIM24304XX)
Output Current (adjustable): Max 2A (UIM24302XX) / 4A (UIM24304XX) / 8A (UIM24308XX)
 Speed control through on-board trimmer 0.15-1900RPM (UIM243XXA)
 Speed control through user potentiometer 0.15-1900RPM (UIM243XXB)
 Speed control through 0-5V voltage input 0.15-1900RPM (UIM243XXB)
 Switch control start/stop, direction, enable
 Automatic power saving 

Product Numbering Examples:

UIM243L02AT: 0-2 A, Terminal, On-Board POT

UIM243L02BT: 0-2 A, Terminal, External POT


UIM243 Plug 3D Step

UIM243 Plug 3D Step Document

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UIM243 Terminal 3D Step

UIM243 Terminal 3D Step Document

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UIM243 Manual

UIM243 Manual PDF File

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